Friday, May 20

Poetry Is For Everyone


"Poetry is for everyone:
dusty academian nutcases
gritty street suitcases
cave painter's trance
two lover's glance
hip swaying dance
monk's whispering chants
every prayer, every song
in time follow along
a VIP's speech
all stories we teach
all waves at the beach
one fish, two fish for each,"

she thinks.
body fades.
mind a poem.


Friday Flash 55 written for G-Man's Mr. Knowitall blog.



  1. smiles. there is poetry in everything, true that.

  2. Matt Man....
    So far this one is in my Top 5 for the day!
    I loved your poem poem!
    Whimsical, and Perfect!!!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. life is a poem itself,

    it awaits for poets to write it out.

    love your 55,'perfectly divine line.

  4. ...academian nutcases, ha! not sure if that or the next line is my fave...fine 55 ~