Sunday, May 15

In A Previous Life

In a previous life
I was an owl.
I can see you
from a mile away.
if I perch on your shoulder
your eyes seem like jewels.
please don't look at me
or else I’ll remember these
wicked claws and
the thrill of the hunt
when what I want
to be is wise
and soar.


Flash 55 written for One Stop Poetry Challenge – the Photography of Fee Easton.  Photo by Fee Easton.


  1. Fantastic moral self-debate raging here within such few words. Interesting take on the prompt. I enjoyed it very much.

  2. Whimsical and as Aaron says-- portrayal of ambivalence! xxxj

  3. I love the balance of reincarnation with animal instinct, which in the way you wrote it seems all too human. Great poetry!

  4. I love the reincarnation and the whimsical feel to it- lovely :)

  5. yep - i want as well be wise and soar and then..these wicked claws and the thrill of the hunt...agh..this was excellent matt!

  6. ah, the beauty and grace...and sharp talons...who are we to argue with the order of things...perhaps better to embrace it all in understanding...

  7. I am glad you chose this prompt, you created a wonderful piece for it. The balance of our inner self was expressed so perfectly in the form of reincarnate. Great write my friend! ~ Rose

  8. Like the flight with the owl
    What a view
    Nicely done 55
    And thanks for the visit - so sweet

  9. "when what I want
    to be is wise
    and soar"

    that is one terrific ending.

  10. Enjoyed reading the poem. Do visit my blog and leave your footprints by posting comments

  11. Every word is a shiny that should be protected from magpies in this one. Lovely piece on the dilemma's horns between asking and taking, wanting and having, staying and leaving--and what to be.

  12. I've never thought of the owl as an enigma, but I see he is. Our symbol for wisdom who also rips the head off of small creatures. :)