Friday, May 13

Buttercup, I've Repeated


Buttercup, I've repeated, "as you wish,"
over and over and over again
anything you prefer assistance with
I'll get right on it, just let me begin

by saying "it's plain I'm common wesley
right now, and you crave dread pirate roberts,"
of course, interpret that from simple plea
blasted "as you wish" everything I blurt

feel like a moron, try not to trip when
you say, "farm boy, fill these with water, please"
can't you see this peasant is who I've been,
in my future I brave barbarous seas

"true love: you think this happens every day?"
in my mind when "as you wish" all I say.


Written for Friday Poetically with Brian Miller.


  1. dude...this is fantastic...i love that movie....would you believe my wife never saw it until about a year ago....

    MAWWWAGE! i tell you...smiles.

  2. "farm boy fill this with water"..... makes me smile every time.

  3. And even more amazing was the day she realized she truly loved him back.
    Great, great!!! I'll be witty one day.

  4. One of my favorite films. A well done piece. Great Write, Matt.

  5. Very cool, Matt. A sonnet carved from that love song of a film, The Princess Bride. Perfect.

  6. I can't say I've seen the movie, but I really like this poem - great inclusion of quotes as direct speech.

  7. A movie I've never seen but you give me a feel for it. Nice poetry.