Friday, May 27

We Are Made Of Dots


We are made of dots
fourteen billion years
old, 'fore then cannot
ken celestial sphere

perhaps four thousand
B.C. we sprang from
dust, who's to question
omnipotent psalm

maybe yesterday
memories intact
aggregate birthday
begat with one fact:

when we disappear
our dots persevere.


Written for One Stop Poetry Friday Poetically with Brian Miller
Painting by Chuck Close.



  1. we are made of dots...i was thinking the same when i thought about what to write for the prompt matt. everything can be broken down to cells and atoms and maybe it's getting even smaller than we know now..and hopefully we can leave some of the dots and make the world a bit better with them..

  2. It amazes me how life and its textures can be broken down like so! Digital, diaries and dots! We really are all dotty indeed......

  3. dots of dust is our form ....loved your poem thank you for sharing !

  4. and the energy of those dots still intermingle in our absence...this is a very cool write matt...

  5. We are made of dots....very cool!

  6. Oooh. This one speaks to me of the universal unconscious experience that is in our DNA. We are dots but we become one, like Close's work.