Wednesday, May 4

Collected Haiku #22


suffering smolders
a slightest memory breeze
forest reignites


pilgrim asks prophet
"where is heaven? where is hell?"
seer raises mirror


what rhymes with orange?
as I sip chamomile tea
at least hat matches


these digital words
travel amongst gracious souls
shall they fall astray?


shanghai in our dreams
an exotic reverie
chinese restaurant


my super power, watch this
you can't see me now


if I am speechless
it's not reserved apathy
my words deficient


autonomy sings
a robin outside our cage
harmonious mind


a flood dissipates
river returns to normal
wreckage of poems



  1. Collected? From others, or are they your own?

    I have a haiku blog, if you're interested:
    Haiku Koo-Koo

  2. Everything on this blog is stuff I've written. "Collected" as in I write a bunch then post them all at once.

    I'll check out your blog! :D

  3. Oh, these are Wonderful!!

    everyone has a certain spin, and they are all haiku....many grabbed me as classically inspired.

    The one rhyming with orange made me laugh. I remember that M&M commercial and it was sooooo funny.

    "Nothing rhymes with orange." LOL!

    Very, very good, these are a pleasure to read.

    You also constrained yourself to the 5-7-5 form. That's good because we can go a bit wild later (Basho did...) but we need the discipline of the formal form.

    Just my opinion.

    Lady Nyo....who loves haiku, but thinks yours are better.

  4. I love these. I'm a haiku fan, and you've created some magic here. My favorite is the pilgrim and the prophet. Well done.

    Thank you for stopping by my place. I appreciate it.