Sunday, June 19

I'm an Ogre, Dear

I'm an ogre, dear
       No! (repeat)
gonna gnaw your knees
gonna get your ear
what can I eat please?

gonna fry your eyes
I'll grill your elbows
gonna toast your thighs
I think you're too slow

gonna crunch your nose
gonna chew your feet
gonna munch your toes
I like that sweet treat

gonna take your thumb
I'll bite your belly
gonna bake your bum
it's good with jelly

now I can't chase you
       Yay! (repeat)
I'm way too hungry
I know what I'll do
there's an apple tree.


This is a poem for my kids.  It's a call and response piece, where after every line they get to yell, "No!" until the last stanza where they yell "Yay!" Written for Father's Day.


  1. Way cool, man. Kids being raised with silliness at this level can only be good for humanity.

  2. Well I just adore this write! It tickles to read! You are truly special dad Matt! ~ Rose

  3. So adorable! Writing for kids is a special treat and a skill