Wednesday, June 29

Prophets, Why Is Wisdom


Prophets, why is wisdom in vast spaces:
trackless deserts, measureless horizons
bottomless oceans, countless bookcases
infinite systems with infinite suns?

illumination of youthful wonder
outshines the dimmest experiences
an affection that's transparently pure
fool's paradise in a wasteland's caress

what limits an omnipresent embrace
except a narrow minded reckoning?
no matter the place, a tolerant grace
receives ubiquitous understanding

a seeker need not venture somewhere else,
pursuit of insight inside conscious self.


Written for One Stop Poetry. Happy Birthday OSP!



  1. nice...after the first stanza i was wondering where you were going the second is really good...and yes, you dont have to wander far...smiles

  2. The deepest journeys are within. You say that well !

  3. The journey within is the most important.

  4. I just fell in love with this piece! A beautiful composition and tempo, your rhyme harmonious and such a powerful message. We don't need to suffer our forty days in the desert, yet simply speak to ourselves honestly wherever we stand. My favorite this week! ~ Rose

  5. Beautifully written - this is wonderful. I love the second stanza, and you really hit it home with the closer.

  6. so true its just a willingness to venture and be open (minded)

    Thanks Matt for your weekly support of OSP ( and me)