Monday, September 16

living in a treehouse journal

day #1
built a treehouse
seems sensible
since they're the only ones
who seem to get it

day #2
figured out the whole
going to the bathroom thing
that's not pleasant

day #3
snickers running low
what to do

day #4
someone walked underneath
I hid
like I needed to
how often do people look at trees

day #5
woke up with a squirrel on my toe
showed me how to gather acorns
I'm glad
pinecones unappetizing

day #6
think people starting to wonder
where I went

day #7 part 1
yup, they are
they have search dogs
damn dogs
they should be on my side

day #7 part 2
"sir step away from the tree"

day #7 part 3
ex wife says
"what are you doing up there"
I say
"I think this tree cares for me
more than you ever did"

day #7 part 4
kids say
"daddy, come down from there"
I say
you can live up here with me
I don't mind
the more monkeys the merrier"

day #7 part 5
the police have grappling hooks
guess this is the end
of tree houses



  1. I like this a lot! Funny, and I like the journal structure.

  2. i bet pine cones hurt coming back out as well...def unpleasant....hmm...wondering how long i would last in the treehouse...and if my squirrels would care enough

  3. Sir, step away from the tree.. hahahahahahahaha! Did you write this in your nice warm house with cozy duvet and working plumbing? Love this, Matt...a gas! ~jackie~

  4. humorous take on feelings of being unnoticed..loved this..imaginative and fun read