Tuesday, March 29

Interesting Study

This makes sense, considering our evolutionary heritage.

Our brains are crazy interconnected masses of gelatinous goop. I'd highly suspect that there is more overlap between different mental functions than we realize. I doubt there is a strict divide between physical and emotional pain, just as I distrust the separation of logic from emotion, or any other interrelated abstract system.

Our brains are delicate places, and the troubadours have known all along that heartache feels like being punched in the gut.

Sunday, March 27

Collected Haiku #1

suffering unleashed
impetuous frothing maw
shield of compassion


maturity masonry


enthralled audience
roaring musical tempest
reeds on the lakeside


children, coats unzipped
small circles dance from the trees
petals in the wind


a still pond frozen
tranquil as a sheet of glass
thaws in radiance


shuffle lurch shuffle
night is an icy embrace
when the zombies grieve


pastoral poem
deer frolic by rivulet
zombie in meadow


if you pick boogers
be sure to miss your brain, or
if you hit, don't eat


two chairs together
m&m projectiles
two chairs separate


Wednesday, March 23

I Am The Blue Jeans

I am the blue jeans with no umbrella
facing a sea of suits with spikey bits
like sea urchins in slippery tide pools
I flow around them and under them
a pink flower child in yellow raincoat
in one arm, the other is wild brown,
kid arms flailing in the downpour
a personal hurricane of turbulence
my head is high, for I have not grown up
and the rain does not bother me
unlike the ladies with pokey hair
their perms drifting in the deluge
like sea anemones dancing in delight
I love the rain, for I am a water sign
yes, but I am also a seed, and I see
the green goodness yet to be.

Sunday, March 20

This Art is Healing

This art is healing:
through my suffering
I know your suffering
and the suffering of us all
from the beginnings of time
to the futures of eternity
until the curse of scarcity
is overcome by the
dreams of heaven
manifested in reality as art
this art is healing:
there are no limits to dreams
there are no limits to the goodness
of heaven materialized as art
this art is healing:
this art is testimony to
the suffering of us all
and through dreams
and through goodness
and through heaven
and through art
we shall be healed.

Thursday, March 17

RE: 3pm Happiness Updates

I'm happy that I prayed to God today for the second time since I was in my early teens.

The first time was a week ago, and it surprised me: that deep down, underneath all the intellectual garbage, I really am a theist.

Before that, I think I hadn't really prayed to God since my pipe-smoking grandpa had died, one uncle died to a brain tumor, and the other uncle was struck by lightning. I've been gripped in the "why pray to a God that doesn't care about you?" type mentality for about twenty years now, and the dam just broke last week.

Now I'm not really talking about a corporeal deity that floats around on clouds, or any other version that mankind has cooked up over our convoluted history. The God I am talking to is a personal, yet universal Good. Maybe universal is the wrong word, since I mean ever-present, but not necessarily absolute in the rigid sense of the word.

What I prayed about is private, as is any conversation I have with myself, but one thing that specifically stands out in my mind is that I no longer care whether I logically believe in a God, or if there is or is not proof of his existence. What I do care about is that I need to believe in an influence for Good in the world. I need to believe in Love, and Patience, and Compassion, and Tolerance, and Honesty, and Hope. At the core of my being, I absolutely want these things to exist, and I would like the resolution to help make these abstract concepts a reality. I feel that the universe is a place where these things can and should exist, and if that means I need to talk the crazy person talk by talking to myself, then so be it.

So I prayed, and I'm happy about that.

Tuesday, March 8

Initiating Sequence

initiating sequence
boot parameters loading...
hysteria activated in...
hysteria activated
duct fluid regulation triggered
please wait...
please wait...
system capacity stable
erasing memory links start
please wait...
please wait...
erasing memory links complete
erasing attachments start
please wait...
please wait...
erasing attachments complete
new program overwrite initiated
maturation program loaded
please wait...
please wait...
maturation program overwrite start
new program overwrite executed
please wait...
please wait...
sequence stepford robot complete!
sequence terminated.

Sunday, March 6

This Ocean Fathomless

This ocean fathomless,
yet people sail the surface
as if only important parts
swell superficially. Forgotten
memories like crustaceans
claw their way to the shore,
while bare feet avoid suffering,
though the darkest depths
sustain the essence of the