Friday, June 24

At the Speed of Me

Run at the speed of me
rocket from big bang birth
dash as atoms toddle
sprint as molecules mingle
flee immature star formations
bound beyond melancholy black holes
waver to gravity’s alluring curves
though no time tick tocks
to pierce your atmosphere
to blast your unbarred eyes
to reflect myself
at the speed of me.


Artwork is "A Fundamental Constant" by Alison Jardine.
Written for One Stop Poetry's Friday Poetically, G-Man's Friday Flash 55, and Poet's United Think Tank #55.


  1. big bang birth...time tick tocks to...some great alliteration...really a driving pace to this that fits...nice.

  2. Great spin on a cosmic life span.

  3. I love this; our birth right~ Well Done!

  4. Matt,

    I love the energetic feel to your words.
    An exciting piece of writing.


  5. Way good, my friend. 55 words can lay on the burn sometimes, this one's at the cozmic level, as well as the physics of me.

  6. Great lines with your 55, time tick tocks was a great play on time passing us by.

  7. BRILLIANT imagery, Matt!!! And so metaphorical in its style... I just LOVED this!!

  8. wow - love how you capture the speed in the pic with your words..the lines from the pic just continue to flow through your writing...great

  9. Creative and engaging at the cosmic and cellular level. Awesome 55!

  10. bound beyond melancholy black holes

    great line, awesome post!

  11. Wow Matt, great prompt write, it flows as fast as the image and leaves me in as much of a whirl. Wonderful poetry my friend! ~ Rose p.s this comment took only 15 minutes to enter, I'm getting better at it, maybe? ;)

  12. Matt...
    Your 55 Rocked!
    You somewhat make boring Space...Colorful!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  13. very digital aged 55,
    superb piece of writing.

  14. I have a few biases toward this poem.
    First: science + poetry = SWEET!
    Second: It reminds me of a RUSH song, at least the title of one. Also pretty sweet.
    Third: "gravity's alluring curves" is such a beautiful image and scientifically as well as poetically, spot on.
    I love it.

  15. If there is perfection between a prompt and a poem, this is it. “At the speed of me,” touches something primal. Great, great poem.

  16. Matt, "At the Speed of Me," washed me up on your shore, but now I find I'm stranded here. I've begun a search, but mapping the twists of your mind will take more time than I have today. What a wonderful site. I'll be back.