Wednesday, October 17

Writer's Block


writer’s block
is floating on a raft
in the middle of an ocean
schools of words
flicker in the distance
far from mental nets
that panic in the dull sun
as days and days and
days and days and
days pass
no ripples of thought
break the monotony
of normalcy
of go here
do that
eat this
do this
go to sleep
the meditation
goes on and on

hint of clouds on the horizon
a drop of rain
falls on parched tongue
and finally
there’s something
to say


Pirates and Ninja


I don’t believe in pirate love
that sloshes grog
and swears loyalty
yet with the gleam of treasure
in skull and crossbone eyes
it sails away
and deceptively deserts you
on the island
of yourself

I believe in ninja love
that sneaks past
your wall
and whispers honestly
that today I might love you
and tomorrow I might still
until the day either
the love dies
or I die


Thursday, October 4

I Met Myself


I met myself and said, "Stop throwing myself around time.  The past and future are just fine without me.  Besides, I'm getting everything confused." 

Then I said, "I don't understand, what do I know, since I'm just a different version of myself."  I stopped to think about this, and as I did, every version of me merged into a we, and we knew only birth and death and triumph and despair and boredom, since there was nothing to separate this from that, and there was no time to be anything other than us, since we saw only the all of us together at last.

We thought, "This must be what it's like before or after a universe creates itself.  Before time stretches us out into different people, like an uncoiled rope.  Now we have tied ourselves back together.  We will always be we, forever and ever."

At least until the next kablooey, and we are blown across time into me and me and me.


Written for
dVerse Poets Pub

Monday, October 1

The World's Largest Booger


the world's largest booger
was lifted by a crane
from it's former owner
and traveled here by train

the museum has a sign
"Do Not Eat The Booger"
since to a toddler mind

snot tastes just like sugar

how did so much mucus
(it's over twelve feet wide!)
fit through a nose, unless
only afterwards it dried