Tuesday, July 5

Claire, It's Unfair

Claire! it's unfair
your foolish dare
my rocking chair
has grizzly bear
with dreadful glare
for he does share
with polar bear
whose awful stare
could light a flare
I do declare
now they're aware
of my spare pear
in earthenware
I doubt they'll share
my rocking chair
or luscious pear
or rare cookware
I'm in despair
shoo bears elsewhere
where is their lair?
should send them there
oh no, I swear!
my sweater spare
will surely tear
beyond repair
a real nightmare!

never mind claire
no longer scared
breath of fresh air
out of my hair
whew! I don't care
claire, that's your chair.


Posted to One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry.



  1. After this poem, Matt, you're officially the Mayor of "-Air." Was writing this as much fun as it looks? I could use a little fun. Thanks for the joy, buddy!

  2. hahaha that was great, as you know I can relate. Funny part is "ight" was just done at my shore, when one came to take the comment tour.

    It is fun to do, nicely done!

  3. Who knew there were a hundred and elebenty rhymes for chair?I will remember this next time I try a villanelle. Many smiles for this one, Matt.

  4. Fun for a kids book. Great job.

  5. haha...playful verse...though i would not be messing with bears...smiles.

  6. A fun rhyme to go with a silly pic :)

  7. I love a great rhyme.. this was fun, light and down-right enjoyable.. I admire people that can rhyme and have it be good..

    Much enjoyed this poem..

  8. I laughed and laughed!

  9. so cool...this was funny and playful and flowed and rhymed so nicely...highly enjoyable

  10. Oh this is a beauty! The rhyme was perfect and no doubt impossible for anyone else to pull off. Mastered it! ~ Rose

  11. Wow, that some rhyming. delightful and smart.

  12. what a fun piece, the image is tickling.