Thursday, December 1

The Squishberry Tree

Yes, we should run past the squishberry tree
Though care not to squish any berries as we flee
Red squishberries appear as tasty as can be
Yet inside is yellow gunky muck, oh yucky!

Ever since the first ancient squishberries grew
There's a secret even our ancestors knew
Hey! Try not to get any squishberry on your shoe
Since the squish in squishberries is the stickiest glue

Look there, the lump which you mistook for root
Is really another child's shoe minus a foot
"Where are the kids?" you might ask with a hoot
I'm sorry to say, but they are all caput

So eat blackberries
And bing cherries
And blueberries
And boysenberries
And cranberries
And gooseberries
And huckleberries
And raspberries
And strawberries

But never ever play with the squishyberry goo
For a squishberry tree will certainly eat you.