Thursday, April 28

They Say The Measure


They say the measure of our happiness
is the love we spread around, fertilizer
in the garden of soul seeds, I confess
nevertheless, thus far my rake did err

with a baleful slash of pessimism
followed by a mixture of glee killer
miasmatic spray of criticism:
"quick! aim! there falls another amateur!"

what a blighted landscape I would become
if I followed the path of toxic words
to witch's oven with creative crumbs
devoured by flock of pretentious birds

instead I'll devote my cultivation
to grow our grass greener with gentle sun



  1. Matt! Really enjoyed this write! Loved the language, the throw back to fairy tales that used to torment me as a child :) Fantastic!

  2. Whimsical and charming, and in your own voice. I like it.

  3. My rake did err to often. Thought provoking. Well written.


  4. I sit in absolute affection for your talent with words. Wonderfully orchestrated piece. I lingered for a time with the second stanza...just fantastic! ~ Rose

  5. absolutely lovely. the opening stanza is beautiful. the next two bite nicely and the last two lines carry me back to the beauty of the first stanza. good luck with the cultivation.

  6. A very encouraging piece. "gentle sun," nice!

  7. I like the sound of this, "thus far my rake did err"....rolls off the tongue nicely...bkm

  8. Felt like dad was reading. Great work, and feel. ENjoyed your words and inspiration. Well done.

  9. Wonderful and thought-provoking. "what a blighted landscape I would become/if I followed the path of toxic words" So true.

  10. Brilliant metaphorical journey you took us on. Wow!