Wednesday, April 20

Peace Of Mind


Peace of mind is a place only breathing
carries us to, when the weight of worry
drags in the dust, a caravan for kings
yoked to baubles, though we yearn to be free

this air, this sweet, sweet breeze unshackles us
knocked to blistered knees, we inhale, exhale
as we emigrate from history, thus
it's always been, our search for sacred vale

you arrive at peace when we all enter
your bondage is mine to bear, as mine yours
we shall share this space, this holy shelter
young and old, feeble and strong, rich and poor

for we share this atmosphere, and so should
this earth be as our breath, for it is good



  1. Truly lovely piece. Quite capturing of the need to detach from that which controls us. I had a meditation teacher once say "to restart your mindfulness take three deep breaths, then your grounded again" it always works for me, your words took me back there. ~ Rose

  2. Very Nice Matt !! Thank you so much for joining in with us @ Dodge Writes, hope to see you often !

  3. Nice one Matt. You are allowed to move away from the iambic when you write this well.
    Just call it Sonnet Style, it works for a lot of people. :)