Saturday, February 26

The Button is Depressed

The button is depressed
someone pressed the button
when I was distracted
so I had no time to wonder
why the button would be
pressed, I can't reach the
button, only someone can
I am no longer distracted
so I stare, and stare, and
stare, and stare, and stare
and I never knew there
were so many minutes
in a day, under this grueling
light in my eyes, though the
worst part is the hope that
someone will unpress the button
so I wait and wait and wait
and wait and wait and wait
and someone doesn't, so
the hope dies as the light
fades as the hope fades.

Thursday, February 17

There is a Tree

There is a tree that had three leaves
When I found it, it was dying, and
I saved it. I was told, "It cannot be saved."
I watered it every day until it was
Happy again, and it is saved.

There is another tree with three leaves
I did not know it was dying
I was unable to see the signs
I did not listen to the incomprehensible
I have been told, "It is too late to save."

Here is me recalling every time
I passed by this tree and ignored it
Every time I saw the wilted leaves
Falling, and said, "Everything is fine."
Here is me with a watering can.

Wednesday, February 2

4e Dungeons & Dragons: A Party of Knights

Sir Mars: "Er...we should click something."
Sir Greebus: "What if it breaks?"
Sir Ted: "This is some nerdy %*&#!"
Sir Valiant: "Sir Ted, watch your language. This is a quest!"
Sir Greebus: "Yeah, chucklehead, what he said."
Sir Ted: "This totally sucks."
Sir Mars: "What did you expect?"
Sir Valiant: "What do you mean?"
Sir Ted: "Yeah, what did you mean, chump?"
Sir Mars: "Well..."
*the other knights lean in, their gauntlets rest on their sword hilts*
Sir Mars: "...this is what we get for dumping Int."
Sir Greebus: "Ha!"
Sir Ted: "*&%$!"
Sir Valiant: "Prepostery! Veritable tomfoolery!"
Sir Mars: "I'm just saying that maybe we all shouldn't have an 8 Int!"
Sir Ted: "Int is for dorks!"
Sir Greebus: "What are you, a wizard lover?"
Sir Mars: "No, but..."
Sir Greebus: "Wizard lover, wizard lover, wizard lover--"
Sir Valiant: "That is enough Sir Greebus, perhaps we shouldn't have fired that Eladrin knight."
Sir Ted: "He was lame. He wore a pocket protector on his plate mail."
Sir Valiant: "Quite right. Most lame. Then perhaps we shall endeavor the courage to conquer our foes, and carry forth into the breach mine friends. Righteousness and honoratiousness will prevail!"
Sir Mars: *under his breath* "I don't think that's a word."
Sir Valiant: "What was that?"
Sir Mars: "Nothing, nothing. Oh look! Charop! That looks promising! I'm going to start a thread. That seems like a webby thing to do. Clicking. Now!"
Sir Greebus: "Oh no!"
Sir Ted: "OMG WTF BBQ!"
Sir Valiant: "Duplicitumus! We have entered the internets! Whatever shall we do now?"
Sir Mars: "Simple, my good knights. We wait for trolls...and then we slay."

Tuesday, February 1

Comic #26

A Bad Guy

Justin: "You're the bad guy."
Me: "I feed you, I love you, I take care of you, and I'm the bad guy?"
Justin: "Yeah, you're the bad guy. You're Kanjar Ro."
Harmony: "Pew pew!"