Wednesday, February 2

4e Dungeons & Dragons: A Party of Knights

Sir Mars: "Er...we should click something."
Sir Greebus: "What if it breaks?"
Sir Ted: "This is some nerdy %*&#!"
Sir Valiant: "Sir Ted, watch your language. This is a quest!"
Sir Greebus: "Yeah, chucklehead, what he said."
Sir Ted: "This totally sucks."
Sir Mars: "What did you expect?"
Sir Valiant: "What do you mean?"
Sir Ted: "Yeah, what did you mean, chump?"
Sir Mars: "Well..."
*the other knights lean in, their gauntlets rest on their sword hilts*
Sir Mars: "...this is what we get for dumping Int."
Sir Greebus: "Ha!"
Sir Ted: "*&%$!"
Sir Valiant: "Prepostery! Veritable tomfoolery!"
Sir Mars: "I'm just saying that maybe we all shouldn't have an 8 Int!"
Sir Ted: "Int is for dorks!"
Sir Greebus: "What are you, a wizard lover?"
Sir Mars: "No, but..."
Sir Greebus: "Wizard lover, wizard lover, wizard lover--"
Sir Valiant: "That is enough Sir Greebus, perhaps we shouldn't have fired that Eladrin knight."
Sir Ted: "He was lame. He wore a pocket protector on his plate mail."
Sir Valiant: "Quite right. Most lame. Then perhaps we shall endeavor the courage to conquer our foes, and carry forth into the breach mine friends. Righteousness and honoratiousness will prevail!"
Sir Mars: *under his breath* "I don't think that's a word."
Sir Valiant: "What was that?"
Sir Mars: "Nothing, nothing. Oh look! Charop! That looks promising! I'm going to start a thread. That seems like a webby thing to do. Clicking. Now!"
Sir Greebus: "Oh no!"
Sir Ted: "OMG WTF BBQ!"
Sir Valiant: "Duplicitumus! We have entered the internets! Whatever shall we do now?"
Sir Mars: "Simple, my good knights. We wait for trolls...and then we slay."

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