Monday, May 9

Success A Dreary Flower


Success a dreary flower, seasonal
flippancy dances like fancy puppets
pranced front of audience at carnival--
flutter petals! be as marionettes!

neither should one dessicate in failure:
wither and fall to despair of purpose,
lie not like common leaves, sly and unsure
of footing like despondent excuses

dirt prevails! be as life sustaining mud,
only the shallow soil seeks out fame,
florid circus! into our ground stakes plunged
humble pasture holds when storm clips acclaim

every day share in our modest rebirth
for we all abide till returned to earth.



  1. Ah, but the essence of sustainable life comes yet from the dirt, the soil... the earth's womb.

  2. Thought provoking words as always. Nicely done.


  3. Yes I see sandlots turned to circuses and the play like 8 1/2 running through it as a metaphor for life. You word placement is interesting, unique and builds and resounds through the poem by your use of rhyme. Very well done! Thank you, Gay

  4. "flippancy dances like fancy puppets
    pranced" my tongue loved that :)

  5. I enjoyed the contrasts you paint and your skill at creating metaphor.

  6. Ashes to ashes! Another wonderful write, Matt! Love how you take such vibrant language and word choice, completing, once again, a piece that is thought provoking, compelling and at the same time, delivered with your unique style. Write on, poet friend! :)

  7. Pulled out all the toys on this one. Like it. Very lively word choices, line development and structure. Very sound and inspiring. Great work.

  8. ha only the shallow seek the bits of wisdom sprinkled with in...and i am rather fond of mud...

  9. I like the devil may care feel to this(if you'll pardon an expression that probably just revealed my age to be in triple digits) the words dancing like the petal puppets, the images coming and going, the rhyme as a tool picked up and laid down--really a very tight poem, despite all this sense of movement, and with a lot to say.

  10. I like -Humble pasture holds. nice

  11. Ah... and as they tip to their fate, they seed the new world !!
    Love the poem Matt !

  12. a wonderful flow of words... and i love the ending :)