Thursday, May 5

If Sad Someone


If sad someone asks why life's worth living
when untold atrocities outnumber
altruism, rulers to power cling
with machine gun fists, and entrepreneurs

eviscerate entire neighborhoods
--a simple question with no solution:
with endless evil, how can there be good?
human race over before it's begun?

have I no answers, though have a question
spun upside down: why is death worth dying?
seems a wasted chain of our creation
a flower, sunlight in field, our shared spring

sad someone absent eons fore and next
a grave in trade for grains of happiness?



  1. The conundrum of life. I ask these questions everyday and every day to continue. What is it about, life for the living, joy, anger, love, war, music, the noise of taking away habitats, ruining the environment, living beyond our means, the planet's means. Well captured here. Thanks for linking. It must have been a busy week this time. Sometimes it takes through the weekend to read OSW poems. The more who link, it seems, the more I miss. Thanks for your comments on my blog! Gay

  2. seems really apt at this time well written thank you and thanks for your comments and sharing

  3. I love your spin on the eternal question.
    And your blog name is the boss.

  4. wow. love your twisty word play...and a nod to questions we may never have answers to, but never tire of asking

  5. The selfish ones that cannot deal "a grave in trade for grains of happiness?" Do not realize the aftermath they leave in their wake..

    Life is always worth living, the real victims of suicide are the survivors.

  6. yes flip it on its head and put the emphasis on living... nice write

  7. Great poem - inspirational feel I

  8. I guess we can only ever do what we can, to make our existence worth while and hopefully do our bit to make this world a little better for us and those who come afterwards. Great words...

  9. Good thought: why is death worth dying? Insightful! Thank you for sharing!