Thursday, May 26

Empire Avenue!


The above code is for verification of this blog with Empire Avenue. Which is unimportant to all of you, but pretty neat for me.

If you don't know what that site is, EA is a lot like a stock market for social media influence.  Like Klout, it measures your weightiness around the internet.  It takes numbers from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and blogs (like this one) to measure how awesome you are at generating buzz.

Why would a poet care about that?  Well, I don't know about you, but I'm thrilled whenever people read what I write.  Part of communication is having an engaged audience, regardless of the medium, and sites like EA provide a yardstick for me to gauge how effective I am at broadcasting my message.  It's the same reason why Twitter and Facebook are so fascinating, because not only am I (in essence) self-publishing myself on the internet, I'm also able to see exactly how much my value is worth to the people I interact with.

I'm not the type of poet to sit on a lake and ponder.  (Not knocking those that do.)  At some point I want what I think about to be consumed by the populace, and a site like EA facilitates that interaction.


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