Thursday, May 12

From Left to Right


George in a white shirt with '99 County Fair print thinks,
    "I wonder who's winning?"
Mable in a puppy print blouse thinks,
    "I should sew a balloon quilt."
Hank in blue jeans with a cell phone on his belt thinks,
    "What a waste of good money."
Cheryl in all black thinks,
    "Hank is such a spoilsport. Shoo, it's getting warm."
The people in chairs in the shade think,
    "Man, we lucked out on this one!"
Abigail, the new mom thinks,
    "When will I ever get a break?"
Cherise, the friend of the new mom thinks,
    "When will she ever stop complaining about her husband?"
George (no relation to other George), the baby thinks,
    "When will I learn to speak?"
Richard, the dad lounged out on the grass thinks,
    "I should've gone to work today."
The herd of people under the balloons think,
    "This is so exciting!  Please don't fall on me!"
The people in the balloons think,
    "When are we going?"
Jim, the man with iron grey hair thinks,
    "This can't end well."
Beth in the straw hat claps and thinks,
    "I'm having a great time!"
The people holding the ropes think,
    "When are they going to say go?"
Theresa in the red shirt thinks,
    "Hey, somebody's taking our picture."
Bill in the navy blue shirt thinks,
    "Hey, I wonder what's over there?"


Written for Bluebell Books short story slam.  Photo by: Melissa R. Bickel.


  1. so vivid imaginations of you.
    enjoyed your take.

  2. So many tales, all in one. had fun reading the various viewpoints.

  3. I love your originality with really picturesque!

  4. A potpourri of colourful characters , each with a different story to tell ... I enjoyed your interpretation of the prompt !

  5. pretty darn enjoyable
    you must be a people watcher
    it shows....that's a good thing

  6. A treasured collection of all who have arrived at yet the same point, with such differing perspectives.

  7. VIVID, extremely vivid indeed! :)