Friday, May 6

Knights Of The Night


Knights of the night
we march in marsh
blight without sight
party most harsh

foul foe on prowl
we meager few
a jowled hound howls
at flanks we hew

thou understand?
we thwart notice
a canny plan
as scythes slice mice

pestilence sowed
we sneaky toads


Written for One Stop Poetry's Friday Poetically with Brian Miller.


  1. Whoa! This one contains some well-veiled but seriously violent images. Nice juxtaposition of concepts.

  2. Nature red in tooth and claw indeed!

  3. Sounds like an ominous evening! Waiting for the panther and jaguar to pounce, or maybe a sneaky horde of flesh eating beatles lol

  4. Violent images, yes, but still done with your own unique,sing-song, style! Again, much enjoyed...seems to be a growing trend here! Great take on the prompt, Matt :)

  5. Violent images indeed - but nature is cruel. We just fail to see it. We see it in ourselves.

    Anna :o]

  6. ok i thought it rather the romp through the night was when young and full of...well ourselves...

  7. Your internal rhyme and the whole flow of this poem is so good. Really enjoyed it.

  8. Great flow and rhyme scheme
    This incites the imagination
    To be sure

  9. Way kool, Matt C. You jived up the old imagination. Thanks for waking me up.