Monday, June 20

Fat Buddha


Fat buddha
you sit so still
your chubby belly hangs out
like me as a scrubby teen
controller in hands
controlled by blip blop bloop games
gotta get the mushroom
dammit, these chains caress
my fingers raw

if you jump you get points
this is me leaping now
after the /timespent hedonism
and the flip floppy bouncing
for fake gold coins that go ding

you smile
like I smile
at the imaginary world
I've built for myself
while all around me
the real world has grown

this is me rattling my cables
this is me with no controller
this is me with a smile
like you, fat buddha
though I no longer
sit still


Written for One Stop Poetry's Form Monday.



  1. "this is me rattling my cables"
    I hear them! :)

  2. timespent hedonism
    and the flip floppy bouncing
    for fake gold coins that go ding

    nice. the older i get the more buddha i become...smiles.

  3. I hear them too! And I look to my own fat buddha each morning, rub his belly, and hope for the best. It usually starts with me tripping over the cables that I can't quite get to disconnect~must be my addiction to the gold coins, and sore thumbs! Like where you took my imagination once again...and you rocked the free verse!

  4. Been there, and I so get the Buddha connection, the free but engaged roaming of the brains while the fingers work the buttons like tibetan prayer beads. Esp like the ambivalence in "...these chains caress/my fingers raw..."" Excellent free verse, Matt, as always.

  5. I wonder about all the hours my children and grandchildren have spent with controllers in their hands. They wonder about the time I spend in a laptop magic box. We all go somewhere.
    Well done and well explored here. Thanks, Gay

  6. I get frustrated at my children for playing video games. I didn't know it was a path to enlightenment :)

  7. We have no games consoles in our house and the tv is only on for 2 hours per day max. I really liked your take on this, laugh with Buddah, and teach your children the art of conversation!

  8. Great write Matt, fully recovered gamer is always a great place to dwell, I too hunted the secret levels for hours ;) To the verse, its lyrical and full of whimsy, an adoring write! ~ Rose

  9. My controller is still plugged in and will prob remain so for a while, but I know when to shut it off, when it's attempting to cramp my style. I no longer have to catch 649 pokemon, just a 100 or

  10. couldn't resist a rub at that rotund shiny belly ~ just hope he smiles on me ~ like you share the fingers raw ~ Lib ~
    Magical midsummer wishes