Sunday, June 26

Not Everything I Write


Not everything I write
gleams as literary gold
from king midas tongue

most days I trudge
a tenderfoot packmule
with word burdens
up rocky bluffs
of aesthetic merit

once in a shrewd moon
my patient hooves lead
to a sagacity stream
skyline of ancient poets
auric epiphany dawn.



  1. Up the rocky mountain on a free verse trail to where sagacity beckons in an epiphanous dawn. I liked it a lot...and for the record feel the same way! Well done. Gay

  2. ha. you know...a pack mule may be better than some literary types i know...and to see dawn break into a million glittering that is gold enough for me...smiles.

  3. I love "...once in a shrewd moon..." and bonus points for 'auric' Well-conceived and well-expressed, that journey up the heights to an ever unknowable destination.