Tuesday, June 14

Hey Driver!


(Written with my 5 year old son's help!)

Hey driver! your indicator duck
quacks peculiar problems with your truck
I heard the hamsters under the hood
though they are often misunderstood

remember the frogs that roll the wheels?
they eat plenty of flies for their meals
check if chipmunks are picking a fight
with the squirrels when we are out of sight

oh no! we forgot about the snake
I'm sure the mice have planned an escape
don't neglect badger in the heater
these scars from when I didn't feed her

beware! there's the flare! I do declare
the prize mare, polar bear, grizzly bear
panda bear, black bear, koala bear
and snowshoe hare wear pairs of footware!

who needs regular old combustion
when we've got animal locomotion?


 Posted for One Shot Wednesday.


  1. haha...what a fun verse...thought for a moment this might be how they all escaped from the zoo...smiles.

  2. what a great poem! brought a smile to my face!

  3. It's a zoo around here. I've been having trouble with my indicator duck for years--thinks its a swan or something.

    Came, laughed, loved it.

  4. i LOVE this! sounds like your 5-yr-old is a budding poet :)

  5. Wow you really have quite the zoo
    But what about poor Baloo
    He must want in on the Bear Necessities
    As the other bears rest at ease
    Thought I'd plant that seed
    Such a fun read

  6. How wonderful that you are introducing your son to poetry. Easy to see he's already got the knack. This is such fun.

  7. Fun, fun, fun,! Love your lighthearted poem, little kids lift our spirits so. My youngest grandaughter is 4 and all we do is laugh---thank God.

  8. hahahahah... and the train went choo chhoo bow meaow growl squeak!!
    LOVED riding on this one, Matt!! Your son and you make a great poetic team!!! AWESOME!!

  9. Neat, Matt. A goofy Noah's Ark of a poem. And a sonnet at that, I think. (I'll let the experienced poets make that call.) Neat that you can create something like this with your son.

  10. great fun! Yeah, he's a poet... watch out for those types