Friday, July 1

That's a Lot of Haiku!


I have now posted 50 pages with 9 haiku each.  A year ago I didn't know I had fifty haiku in me, let alone four hundred and fifty.  I probably have about twice that that I haven't posted, because quite frankly, they are terrible.  I aim to only share what I consider my best work here.  Every artist has practice pieces, and poets are no exception.

A couple months back I read an article decrying non-traditional haiku, and it almost burst my bubble.  It was a very limited view on the form, since yes, haiku were typically about nature, and weren't just seventeen syllable sentences chopped up into three lines.  However, things change.  Maybe what I write shouldn't be called haiku.  Honestly, I don't care.  Call it what you wish.  I like it, I think it, I write it.

At some point, I've stopped caring about strict definitions of what is or is not good art, since really, I'm here to channel the stuff out of my brain.  That doesn't mean I want to stop growing as a poet (or person for that matter), just that theory only goes so far, and sometimes you just have to spend those ten thousand hours shaping clay the wrong way before you make the perfect vessel.

some critics don't see
splendor of art forest through
trees of tradition

I've also started a Tumblr blog if anyone is also on that.  I'll be sharing my haiku there, one at a time.


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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. I really can't stand the pedants. The 'I'm your 'friend' but that line didn't flow as...blah, blah, blah,...ones.'

    It is a rocky road indeed......