Monday, July 27

The Language Barrier

I took my son to the park this evening. I love Cupertino, since I get to hear ten different languages spoken all around me, a river of unintelligible sounds. I'm too lazy to learn any of them, and I'm betting on the day when some smart person finally makes the Star Trek communicator, since barring us finding any intelligent extraterrestrial life, I most need one to converse with everyone who doesn't speak English.

I think that any device that can break down the language barrier would revolutionize all human contact from that point forward. Some sort of instant recognition hearing device that translates all incoming voices would be a possible first step, and anything beyond that would be amazing.

Granted, I could get off my idle butt and learn a language or two, which would not only make me smarter, but expand my worldliness quotient considerably. However, until I somehow manage to find a catalyst, I think I'm much more content to wade through the park, never really connecting to any of the people come into tenuous contact with.

At least until a gadget fixes it.

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