Monday, July 20

Alien Zookeepers

With more than 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe, with each galaxy containing 200 plus billion stars, not including the hypothesis that there are other universes parallel to our own, one would think that the universe would be brimming with alien life.

Are we the first lifeforms in our vicinity to drag ourselves out of the primordial muck (which seems egotistical and unlikely at the same time) or are we under the galactic supervision and protection of some mildly sympathetic alien race? Perhaps all of the advanced civilizations with a million year head start on technological advancement have become a certain type of god, unshackled by the earthly constraints of resources and space. They may have the ability to form energy into matter and back again at will, so have no need to fight over territory.

They might see us as we would see ants: worthy of study, but of little consequence. Until, at least, we threaten to invade their celestial home. However, we probably have millions of years to go in that direction, if we even make it there at all.

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