Tuesday, July 21

No Impact Man

Just saw the trailer for an independent eco-documentary called No Impact Man.


What interests me about this movie is not the ideology behind what this guy is attempting, but how he has to convince his reluctant wife to go along with his plan. Marriage is all about compromise, and when one of the two people chooses life-changing radical path, the other person has a difficult decision to make: do they follow along?

The more extreme the decision, the harder the choice. It definitely seems like the guy in the trailer didn't fully think about the ramifications of this experiment beforehand, and the wife seems shell-shocked through most of the trailer.

An excerpt:
Wife: "Your project."
Husband: "I thought it was our project."
Wife: "Oh yeah."
Those are fightin' words right there. If he can't convince her to wholeheartedly change, how can he realistically expect anyone else to?

Other documentaries focus on The Man and Big Business as scapegoats for the status quo: No Impact Man focuses on ourselves, which are more difficult opponents to face.

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