Wednesday, July 22

Warcraft Movie

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The movie will probably suck, as I have never seen a decent video game adaptation before.

However, that doesn't mean they will always suck. If it were to ever change, a Warcraft movie would be the ideal place for it to change. The lore is expansive, the characters are compelling, and Blizzard wouldn't push out a crappy movie just to make a buck. (Or at least that's my impression.)

Ever since I quit World of Warcraft though, I'm less inclined to be a fan of all things Blizzard, and I don't know how I feel about supporting a movie designed to drag more people into their MMO. Rationally, I realize that the movie and the video game are apples and oranges, but irrationally I feel that I would be akin to an alcoholic going to a drinking party.

This is also making me question whether I will want to purchase additional video games in the future, from Blizzard or at all. I spent four years of my life within the Warcraft universe, and I'm finished with that level of immersion. So any future game has to simultaneously be better and worse than WoW, which is an impossible feat.

I suppose I will have to take a "wait and see" stance here, however, this is not really appealing: my identity has been tied up with the "gamer" description for so long. To continue calling myself a gamer, while shunning the video game category, seems a little hypocritical on my part.

Maybe it's akin to having a drinking limit, and staying away from the hard drinks.

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