Sunday, July 26


I have a difficult time believing that dreams are special. I suppose some of the dreams we have could be our unconscious brain trying to tell us something, however, the mechanism for this communication is inherently flawed.

How exactly am I supposed to ascertain the difference between a worthwhile piece of information and an utter piece of crap? I mean, last night I dreamed that a giant flying space alien squid wrapped one of its tentacles around Ron from Harry Potter and then ate him.

What is my subconscious trying to tell me, and how do I separate such meaningless dribble from anything that might actually matter?

Now I'm not saying that dreams are unworthy of study, because maybe down the line science can help us decode these night vomits. Right now though, I'm loath to give dreams any credible weight, unless I want to drive myself crazy and start acting on these scenarios: maybe I'll erect defenses against space monsters and send in my application to Hogwarts.

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