Wednesday, July 15

Why Chuck a Monkey?

I must admit, it seemed good at the time, and I'm too superstitious to change it now. Apparently hurling primates through the air is in the forefront of my mind. That and macaroni and cheese. My toddler is camped out under my desk, ripping paper apart. It's midnight and she's still up, while my three year old and wife are asleep in the other room.

I guarantee that I have zero desire to truly throw a monkey. I'd assume the monkey would retaliate. I know I would. I mean, if someone decided to lift me up I'd probably knock them in the head, so I can only imagine that most mammals would have a comparable reaction. At least the wild ones.

Though a whale would probably just laugh. Unless multiple whales ganged up to push that whale out of the ocean. I suppose that counts as chucking, at least in whale linguistics.

She (the toddler) has got a box. She gave me a smile like sugar butterflies when she realized I was watching her. Now I'm doomed. A hand reaches up from under my desk and contorts to press the keyboard. "Mama!" Which means "I want that and if I don't get it I'm going to fuss."

Time for macaroni and cheese and a hug bug baby.

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