Wednesday, August 19

Toddler Debris

I have Doritos cheese all over my knees
No, I don't want your peas please
Great, now your sister sees where I keep my keys
Sure, you are free to pee whenever you need
As long as we agree to keep the stream in the potty
Sesame Street has a video about a tangerine tree?
Let me see. I guarantee that's an orange tree
Or a kumquat tree. I disagree with Snuffleupagus
He's hasn't got any tusks, what's up with this?
Harmony! Don't knock over the potpourri!
You're an africanized bee, you're the Adriatic Sea!
I've got my bachelor's degree! Can't you see?
I know the capital of Tennessee! What are we three
Going to do, you, he, and me? You are a wee flea
Don't scream like a banshee, this is my plea
How ever will I survive with such glee?

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