Saturday, August 1


Sometimes I have difficulty believing that any of this exists.

We live on a giant rock, hurtling through space, while we slowly spin down a giant whirlpool with a mega black hole at the center of the drain. As far as we can tell, the known universe is billions of years old, and we have no idea what existed before or what will exist after it's gone. We don't know what is outside this universe, and if there is anything beyond that, and so on.

There are possibly infinite parameters in every conceivable measurement, from distance to time to size to knowledge and so on. Whenever we reach a boundary someone finds a way to shatter it. (Or at least question what is beyond.)

I have trouble believing in a universe that is this colossal. Reality dwarfs anything mankind can ever achieve on this earth. Buildings and governments, artworks and ideas, all we can hope to accomplish in our pitifully short lifetimes is absolutely meaningless in the grand scheme of things. No wonder many people turn to religion for solace when looking into the unknown. Or at least apathy. I suppose it's difficult to ponder the depths of infinity when the realities of hunger and pain are so absolutely certain.

I guess it doesn't help that churning our wheels while attempting to fathom the magnitude of the universe leads us nowhere. Only the application of a finite thought gives us a real solution, with an infinite number of problems to solve.

It doesn't seem to matter what I believe, however, because the universe seems to get along just fine without me and my suspicions.

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