Tuesday, August 11

Health Care Reform Opposition

The detractors of a public plan have two opposing claims against it:

A) The government can't run it right. (Long lines, other countries with public health care suck.)

B) The government can run it right. (The government will put private corporations out of business.)

If A) is true, then everyone with private health care won't be harmed, since their plan will be better than the government option. So if you can pay for a private option, you will get better care, but if you can't you will at least have the safety net of the government.

If B) is true, then private corporations are doing something wrong to begin with, and the people have been putting up with their horrible practices for too long as it is.

This disconnect is apparent when someone like this guy decides to have an opinion. (Check out from 4:15 on:)

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Apparently the people that believe the government can't run anything right are the same people that advocate giving the government a blank check to buy weapons.

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