Tuesday, August 18

Obama + Bush = Obusha

In response to this link:

Charisma only goes so far, then you need something else: Fear. I'm also not so much talking about the cheesy horror movie emotion, but about fear as respect.

Unfortunately, Obama needs to get a little bit Bushy personality-wise, and quit using primarily academic language in his speeches. The Golden Child might quickly become Weenie Man if he can't hold the party together, and sometimes this requires an iron fist mentality. (To a point, obviously, I'm not saying he needs to be the next Darth Sidious.)

Before you discount the idea, weren't we all just a little bit afraid of Bush? No one knew what that chucklehead would do... ;)

Right now, Obama could lose support merely by seeming weak. I'm not saying that he should wrest control of Congress and annihilate all opposition (literally), however, he can remain bipartisan, while at the same time grab the reins, be direct, and, instead of holding hands and singing Kumbaya, he can do his job:

He can lead.

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