Friday, August 21

Science Fiction Fan

As can be surmised from many of my posts, I love science fiction. The idea that we can foresee the future, and then plan our actions accordingly, then implement new strategies to dominate our environment is utterly intriguing. This has (thus far) been the entire history of our species.

At some point, every technology was fiction, from the creation of the wheel, to the harnessing of fire, to agriculture, and every aspect of our lives. Someone saw a need, and filled that need by applying some learned process. This type of methodology is unheard of anywhere else in the animal kingdom, and is the entire key to our success (and to our possible downfall).

Science fiction explores what it means to be human, and what it might mean to be human in the future.

It is my belief that anyone who says they don't like science fiction at a basic level, is destined to be a science dinosaur.

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