Wednesday, September 16

Viva La Dentistry!

I went to Guy School, and as such, was completely unaware that there were dentists for kids. I mean, it seems obvious now, but before I procreated, and was otherwise informed by my patient and knowledgeable wife (who apparently went to Girl School), I thought that kids had teeth until they rotted and fell out. Then they got paid, grew adult teeth and were guilt tripped by normal dentists into brushing their teeth.

I didn't realize my three year old needed to go to an office with plastic fish on the walls, and walk past another kid screaming bloody murder, then sit in a chair remarkably like some of the movies in recent memory. Luckily, the lady with the mask on was helpful enough to explain what all of the implements did before strapping the boy in.

What can I say, I did what any sane dad would do: left him to hang in the wind.

Of course, he had his mom with him, so I'm not completely callous. And I was watching the one year old. So my bases are covered. But I am not going to spend one more second in a children's dentist office than I have to, so me and the toddler made a break for it to the grassy field across the street, where we got to see a poodle take a dump.

I didn't know they did that.

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