Friday, September 4

Identity Dissonance

I dig both versions of Rock Band. Even the upcoming Beatles game interests me. However, up until this point, I have been too poor to buy the games, let alone get any of the downloadable content. I've been relying on the generosity of others, and for them I am grateful.

Our priority since having kids has been paying for the kids. I haven't upgraded to any of the current generations of consoles. My computer is a shantytown of found and given parts. The last game I bought (after giving up WoW) was the Orange Box, which has the highest entertainment to cost ratio of any video game out there. Even that only set me back $30, and it was a big deal at the time.

I don't see myself buying any game on the foreseeable horizon, especially not Starcraft 2 since they announced it was really three separate games. I can't see myself shelling out $150-180 total on an RTS, I'm sorry. I would play through the single player campaign, then play online a grand total of three times before I realize that playing an RTS against anyone other than your friends, who lugged their computers to a central location, and who are able to mock each other without abandon, is a complete waste of my time. I don't give a crap if I win or lose to ZERGYBABY69 or RAYRAYGOGO. Nostalgia is cool and all, and it was a big deal ten years ago, but I've changed, and I don't think I can relive the Starcraft experience any more than I can go back in time and right all wrongs.

I've even been having my doubts about returning to the Alpha of all CRPG/action game hybrids: the Diablo franchise. Disregarding its ever changing release date, from 2010 to 2011 (which, knowing Blizzard will be 2012 in short order), I just can't see, first, my computer running it and, second, me having any time to devote to this game. I'm not saying no, since my favorite games ever were Diablo I and II, but I'm having doubts, and that's strange.

Like how my dad doesn't play pinball at the bowling alley any more, or how he never gets his pool cue out and owns people for cash. It's just not what he wants to do any more. He'd rather pick green beans in the garden with his grandson. When my son haphazardly rides his bike around the court, my dad would rather run along beside him in case he falls.

Instead of souping up a gaming PC so I can run Diablo III, I'd really rather get a Mac with Logic Pro on it.

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