Tuesday, June 11

Matthew the Monkey

matthew the monkey kept food on the moon
his favorite grub strewn over the dunes
who'd build a rocket to steal his burgers
or piles of tortillas filled with cheddar
red, yellow, and green curries sloshing down
gulleys of naan and rice where moon-mice drown
if you reckon you've seen a UFO
it might have been a gyro or taco
he planted six different types of pasta
next to the flower bed of lasagna
we cannot forget the ice cream and cake
afloat the middle of the coffee lake
did I forget the pizza and grilled cheese
the french toast perfectly still with no breeze
he likes omelets and bacon and biscuits
and pulled pork sandwiches served with brisket
is there anything matthew will not eat
his gluttony is extremely complete
though be careful if you visit him too
you might also end up in matthew's stew



  1. This revived my flagging appetite - for food as well as fun poetry.

  2. Ha! You made me extremely hungry with this one--a child's delight in the tasty and sometimes silly variety of what a monkey would surely have better sense than to eat. ;_)

  3. haha...that was fun...and love the thought of planting lasagna....does it taste the same as fresh out the oven? smiles...kids would def love this...was just writing some poetry with my son today...

  4. The last line shows that he definitely will eat anything (or anybody!)