Friday, January 28

4e Dungeons and Dragons: Bah, Eladrins!

Dwarf: "Hey, you!"
Eladrin: *sigh* "Yes...?"
"Go elf the walls!"
"I'm an eladrin."
"Pointy ears, pouty demeanor, likes trees and badgers...I don't care what you are, go elf the walls!"
"I'm a knight."
"Right, and I'm an orc. If you can't elf the walls, then what good are you?"
"I can use my superior intellect to calculate the precise trajectory--"
"--so you're a nerd. Not only are you useless, you are also a book-reading, four-eyed dweeb. Listen Einstein, can you even cast spells?"
"Well, no but--"
"Okay super smarty pants, you have a huge brain, and you were too dumb to learn fireball. I'm sure your pansy prince was totally thrilled about knighting an egghead."
"I'm out of here. Farewell!"
"Good riddance, freaking elf tin can. Bah!"
*eladrin teleports away, while dwarf continues down passageway, which triggers an explosion trap*
"Why didn't he sodding elf the walls?!?"
*dwarf dies*

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