Friday, October 9

A Dilettante

A dilettante is someone who is good
at lots of different things. She said,
"I thought a dilettante was an asshole."

God is a dilettante in a way, he has to
be, since he's omnipotent. At Divinity
School, the other deities were covetous.

Zeus, the master of thunderbolts, said,
"My lightning can cleave a tree in twain."
God said, "Me too," and Zeus roared.

Kokopelli said, "Look at the size of my
penis. My music impregnates women."
God said, "Me too," and Kokopelli hid.

Tengri said, "The Enternal Blue Heaven
is my domain, and all of time and space."
God said, "Me too," and Tengri flew away.

Each deity came unto him, and each was
specialized, and all were rebuffed, as
God said, "Me too," to every celestial.

For God is omnipotent, one who can do
all things, a dabbler of skills, a dilettante
and according to some, an asshole, too.

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